Help With Assessment

Support Resources for Instructors and Curriculum Committees

For answers to questions about assessment process and structure Jean Kampe
Associate Provost and Assessment Council Chair
For help writing learning goals, creating curriculum maps, and a range of other assessment activities Jeannie DeClerck
Instructional Designer & Assessment Specialist
Office of the Provost
Help with Assessment for faculty in the college of Sciences & Arts John Jaszczak
Associate Dean of the College of Sciences & Arts
Help with Assessment for faculty in the college of Engineering Leonard Bohmann
Associate Dean of Engineering

Goal Committee Chairs

John Jaszczak and Nancy Auer
Goal 2 Knowledge of the Physical and Natural World

Kari Henquinet and Ramon Fonkoue
Goal 3 Global Literacy

Robert Johnson
Goal 4 Critical and Creative Thinking

Karla Kitalong
Goal 5 Communication 

Sarah Lucchesi
Goal 6 Information Literacy 

Dieter Adolphs
Goal 8 Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning

Online Resources

University Student Learning Goal Help Resources in Canvas

  • Learning goal committee roster and contact information
  • Assignment examples
  • Learning Goal rubric and support materials

Assessment Process for Degree Programs

  • Information and Instructions for Degree Program Assessment

Assessment Reports

  • Annual reports and learning goals for all programs
  • Additional resources

Other Help Resources

Assessment Handbook 

This handbook was published by Texas Tech University's Office of Planning and Assessment. Topics that you may find helpful include:

  • Assistance writing learning outcomes (or goals) for a course
  • Assignment ideas 
  • Help creating an assessment plan to support student achievement of learning outcomes (goals)
  • Support for developing a syllabus, including writing a course outline, purpose statement and criteria for grades.