Assessment Contacts

Support for Instructors and Curriculum Committees

Jeannie DeClerck spends half time supporting instructors as an Instructional Design Specialist for the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning and half time as an Assessment Specialist to support instructors and curriculum committees in assessment. 

Instructors can receive help with:

  • refining course learning goals and assessment methods and how to document these on course syllabi.
  • analyzing results to identify areas for improvement.
  • developing and assigning student work with clear expectations so that assessing student work provides useful evidence to support continuous improvement.

Curriculum committees can receive help with:

  • refining program learning goals and assessment methods, compiling and analyzing results, and creating action plans.
  • developing curriculum maps and discovering/identifying opportunities for easily assessable student work.
  • learning to efficiently assess student work and gather data by sampling, using rubrics, incorporating educational technologies, etc.

Jeannie also provides informal reviews of assessment reports before submission and will help you interpret Assessment Council feedback. 

Please contact Jeannie with any questions or to schedule a time to meet.

Jeannie DeClerk
Instructional Design & Assessment Specialist
230 Van Pelt and Opie Library
(906) 487-3041