Steven Jennings


Assistant Professor of Military Science

MS III Instructor


Captain Jennings is a native of Beltsville, MD.  He graduated from McDaniel College in 2006, with a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish.  He earned his commission, through ROTC, as a Transportation Officer, later becoming a Logistics Officer.     

Before arriving to the Arctic Battalion, CPT Jennings served as the Maintenance Company Commander for the 123rd Brigade Support Battalion of the 4th (ABCT) Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division.  In 2012, he deployed as a member of a Security Forces Advise and Assist Team, advising Afghan Local Police logisticians.  In 2011, he deployed with the 4th ABCT, as the assistant Brigade S-4, closing coalition bases and retrograding equipment and personnel out of Iraq.  Prior to that assignment, he attended the Combined Logistics Captains Career Course at Fort Lee, VA, making the transition from the Transportation Corps to the Logistics branch.  His previous, and first, duty station was Fort Bragg, NC from which he deployed with the 330th Movement Control Battalion in 2008.