Systems Portfolio

The Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), like other quality programs, focuses on the processes and structures that institutions use to accomplish their mission and goals. AQIP identifies nine categories that universities must pay attention to.

The Systems Portfolio is a living document which describes the context, processes, results, and improvements for each category. Particular attention is given to how broadly a process is used across the university; how results are measured; and how results are used to generate improvements that serve students and other stakeholders. The Systems Portfolio also demonstrates how the university meets the five Criteria for Accreditation.

Michigan Tech completed a Systems Portfolio in June, 2009. In September, 2009, the Higher Learning Commission performed a Systems Appraisal which outlines the strengths and opportunities of our current systems. In January 2012, Michigan Tech completed a Quality Program Summary in response to the Systems Appraisal. In April 2012, the Higher Learning Commission submitted a Quality Checkup Report based on the evaluation team’s Quality Checkup Visit in March 2012.

Michigan Tech’s Executive Team and Board of Trustees reviewed the Systems Appraisal in order to identify opportunities for strengthening the university’s systems and improving its ability to accomplish its mission and goals. This review led to the development of new Action Projects.