Class of 2003

Welcome to the Class of 2003

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Class of 2003 Newsletter

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Where are the Class of 2003 graduates now?

Muneef S. Al-Ameri           Dennis J. Kontny             
Abdullah A. Al-Ghamdi        Kristin L. Kosmatka          
Michael J. Anayas            Chandan D. Kulkarni          
Takashi Aoki                 Aaron P. Kunold              
Gregory C. Askin             Kelly M. Laitala             
Brian K. Beck                Liza K. Lauw                 
Eric J. Blum                 Xuefei Lu                    
Nikhil V. Butala                 Jeffrey W. Niemczak          
Jamie M. Campau      Arvind K. Peehal             
Marie-Astrid Cauquy              Aditya K. Ringshia           
Andrew P. Charlick        Anita Samuga                 
Anurag Dalmia        Muhammad Asi Shaikh          
Laetitia A. Delem                Jeffrey B. Swartz            
Amanjot S. Dhaliwal                 Laurie D. Teddy              
Christopher S. Durno       Abishek M. Thalagavara       
Ying Han         Garrett K. Timmerman         
David M. Houser                   Pedro Urquilla               
Chengyi Huang                Michael J. Wheeler           
Charlie E. Jacobs                 Ying Zheng                   
Pak Ling Kok       Lin Zhu                      
Noah J. Karberg     

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