Class of 1988

Welcome to the Class of 1988

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Class of 1988 Newsletter

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Where are the Class of 1988 graduates now?

Ms. Susan J. Adams           Thaddeus D. Marlin           
Thomas Au-Yeung              Randy J. Musk                
David M. Church              Carmen M. Parks              
Shawn Eddings                Alan O. Pekkala              
Francisco J. Fernandez       James E. Pinnell             
Juan R. Fernandez            Ottmar G. Seger              
Heng W. Gan                  Todd R. St. John             
Guyu Ho                      Robert R. Stroope Jr
Mark J. Isaacson             Jana M. Sunnarborg           
Robert E. Jones              Paul G. Sweeney                  
Dr. Kelvin L. Kapteyn        Ivy P. Tan               
Jerry A. Leinonen            Craig H. Thornton           
Roy J. LeSage                Juan L. Tobar-Velez       
Murray D. Markle             Melanie B. Werdon     

*Last Updated 7/16/2013