Class of 1984

Welcome to the Class of 1984


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Class of 1984 Newsletter

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Where are the Class of 1984 graduates now?

Do you know where any of these lost classmates are?  If you do, please ask them to contact us so we can help reconnect them with their fellow alumni and the University.

Mat R. AbdullahImran N. Jinnah Jr
A-Naser M. Al-LahhamAndrew Kenny
Izzet ArditiBabar Y. Khan
Douglas L. BakerHelmi A. Khatib
Robert A. BasaraWorley K. Mays Jr
Kelly D. BechtelKimberly A. McGuire (Pfeiffer)
Kamal BijlaniTherese M. Mosher
Antonio BrojanigoAndrew T. Mulcahey
Dr. Robert C. BugosWolfgang J. Reitz
Robert K. DeubelJorge L. Rivva
Patrick J. DuhaimeRussell W. Shafer
Tawfiq H. El-ShoubakiDr. Samir J. Shaltaf
Choukri R. ElkadiRichard R. Shepardson
Ismail ErtekinIng L. Shiau
Melville O. HarrisEnyinaya Umeseaka
Steven R. HaucaDavid R. Warren
Scott Z. HazenKeith R. Watson
Craig J. Hubert 
*Last Updated April 3, 2014