Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate student at Michigan Tech, it’s simple: if you want to do research, you can. Real research—the kind that creates solutions for industry, gets patented (sometimes with your name on it!), or addresses the problems of our modern world. Last year, our undergraduates spent 126,000 hours working on paid research.

We’re ranked among the top twenty universities in the US in the proportion of research that’s sponsored by industry. And nearly 25 percent of our invention disclosures include the names of students as inventors. Students also get published in scientific journals, present at national conferences, and interact with scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Crazy-smart is just the beginning. Check out some of our undergrad students’ recent research projects.

  • A biological sciences student studied obesity and neural cardiovascular responses to mental stress in humans.
  • A finance and economics major examined the behavioral finance approach for designing saving promotion programs for low-income households.
  • An interdisciplinary senior design team creates a cost-optimized prosthetic knee for low-income patients in India.
  • A biomedical engineering student received a competitive Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) internship to research cardiac tissue graft support structures for 12 weeks in Germany.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students look for ways to improve the cooking environment and air quality where biomass-burning cookstoves--common in Central America and India--are used.
  • Applied ecology and environmental sciences student received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Award to study if genetic differences in drought tolerance & phenology contribute to species divergence in oaks.
  • An audio production and technology student conducted summer undergraduate research capturing the soundscapes of Point Abbaye on the northern shore of the Upper Peninsula.