Parent Community

Parent Community

Going away to college isn’t just nerve-wracking for the student. We know parents go through just as much anxiety, especially if it’s the first child leaving the nest. As a Michigan Tech parent, you’ll be part of an uncommonly cohesive and helpful community. Check out the following initiatives we’ve developed to communicate and partner with parents . . . then take a deep breath—you’re not alone!

  • ParentNet—A weekly “letter home” for parents written by a Michigan Tech student, the ParentNet blog discusses hot topics like local events, transportation home, residence hall life, broomball, and more.
  • A Student Abroad—A weekly note from a student in a foreign nation. Students have written this piece from Australia, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Spain. Similar to ParentNet, it covers topics of interest to students and parents, with a focus on studying overseas.
  • Banweb Guest Access—Allows students to grant up to four selected individuals access to their private student record information, such as their class schedule, grades, and billing statements. Students can request access through the link in their MyMichiganTech account once they have been accepted to Michigan Tech.
  • Parent Orientation—A program offering families the opportunity to get information about Tech and speak to upper-level students, faculty, and administrators. Sessions take place on Sunday of move-in weekend and include a Parent Summer Reading Discussion, a Parent Panel with Orientation Team Leaders, a President's Reception, and more.

Parent/Guardian Philosophy

Michigan Tech views students as young adults who are in the process of becoming responsible, accountable, and capable. We respect their growing independence and hold them accountable for decisions they make. We also respect their privacy, but don't always promise confidentiality; if needed, we will get others involved to ensure their well being.

As such, Michigan Tech views parents and guardians as our partners and will collaborate with them to the best of our ability to assist their student. However, it is our preference to work directly with students in order to foster their growth and development. Parents and guardians are encouraged to continue to strengthen and build the relationship with their student by adding the role of mentor and coach.