Honors Institute Member Profiles

Anna Waller

Second-year biomedical engineering student Anna Waller joined the Honors Institute during her first semester at Michigan Tech. Since then, she has savored the sense of community the Honors Institute inspires.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know students from the institute who have similar passions and goals as me,” Anna says. “Leading side-by-side with them has created an incredible and supportive community that I’m proud to be a part of.”

In addition to community, Anna says one of the biggest benefits of the Honors Institute is the wealth of research opportunities it funds.

“Through the many Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships that the Honors Institute funds, members have countless opportunities to get involved with research on campus and build experience for the future.”


Caleb Vogt

Caleb Vogt is the public relations committee chair for the Honors Institute. He says being a part of the Honors Institute is about making the most of the college experience.

“As a member of the Honors Institute, I strive to perform well in all of my classes and learn as much as possible both inside and outside of the classroom,” says Caleb. “The institute also provides a venue to have an impact on the university.”

The Honors Institute encourages students to fully develop their leadership skills and gain real-world experience by completing individual projects.

Projects range from teaching a small class on playing an instrument to developing promotional videos to events. “It gives members a chance to develop critical communication skills through interacting with faculty and fellow students.”


Bradley Villeneuve

Bradley Villeneuve, vice president of the Honors Institute, says leadership opportunities were waiting for him on day one.

“I was able to jump right into leadership,” says Bradley. “During my first year I was appointed chair of the internal affairs committee, and my second year I was elected vice president.”

In addition to the great leadership opportunities, the Honors Institute teaches students to be self-motivated and think creatively.

“The Institute is a home for challenging, interdisciplinary scholarship and opportunities. We are a community of scholars, researchers, and creative thinkers.”


Briana Bettin

For Briana Bettin, membership in the Honors Institute has given her the chance to be a strong representative of Michigan Tech.

“Being a member means embodying the heart of what Michigan Tech stands for: bright students willing to get their hands dirty and explore all of the ways they can create their futures,” she says.

The Institute also makes it easier for students to stand out and have a more personalized academic experience. “Contract courses show up on a student transcript, so pursuing fields of interest with a contract can be a great way to make your course listing stand out, while also having fun and exploring something you enjoy.”